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When working on large projects, I usually have to add a small project or two in the mix.  Today I painted this small wooden stool I've had in my pile of goodies.  I mixed together leftover chalk paint to create this color.  

I saved this sweet little gem before it went to the landfill!  This vintage telephone chair has had a lot of use, but I am here to bring back its charm.  I removed the seat & sanded the chair really well before painting it.  I just love the material I used for the seat!  This functional chair is perfect for writing a letter or working on your laptop.  Thank you for stopping by the Blue Barn Door!  

July 1, 2018

Master Bedroom Night Stands  3/2016

Vintage ​Telephone Chair  5/20165

This cute little wall table was a fun weekend project!  The top had water damage, so it required a little more sanding.  I painted the entire table in an antique white chalk paint.  I thought the table needed a little more pop, since it has such beautiful curves, so I went with Annie Sloan's Duck Egg chalk paint.  This table is perfect for any size home.  Thank you for visiting my little website & happy DIY'ing!

  This vintage sideboard/buffet table was a fun project.  I created a custom color by mixing grey & blue/green chalk paint together to achieve this color.    

Repurposed Door into a Hall Tree 8/2016

I rescued three goats last year that love to nibble leaves & bark off the tree limbs.  Once the bark is off, it shows the natural beauty of the wood.  What a great way to re-purpose tree limbs into handles for our boxes. 

​​​Finished Projects

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Vintage Bedroom Set 10/2015 

The night stands are complete!  I used CeCe Caldwell's Vintage White paint & lightly distressed the tables.  I used a bronze RUST-OLEUM paint on the hardware, giving it a beautiful antique bronze look. Once I finish all the furniture, I will post pictures of the entire bedroom!
To give a fresh new look to a room in your home, paint a piece of furniture a fresh new color, with chalk paint!   ​

​Master Bedroom Headboard4/2016

I wanted to share this big project  we have been working on the past 10 days!  I am so excited how this project is turning out.  This vintage kitchen set was made in 1951 from Wisconsin.  A LOT of work/love has gone into this set to give it that Blue Barn Door look.  Happy Monday everyone!  

Vintage Desk  6/2015

Desk w/o Hardware7/2015

Chest of Drawers 7/2015

Vintage Kitchen Set    9/2016

This week I worked on some really cool cedar barn wood I acquired.  I am really happy how these first three turned out!  I had fun with distressing the wood with the different paint.  I will be sure to have a big selection for the Baysox Holiday vendor show in December.  

​​Vintage Buffet Table  12/2015

This already beautiful vintage desk just needed a little CeCe Caldwell's chalk paint!  I used Pittsburg Gray & Seattle Mist for the drawers.  I painted the hardware with RUST-OLEUM Hammered Bronze spray paint.

Blue Barn Door

Wood Foot Stool  11/2015

I've been wanting to create something with this beautiful door, so a storage bench it is!  This will make a beautiful statement piece in your entryway, mudroom or even on your front porch.  It is well built & will last for many years to come!  It has three storage cubbies underneath the bench & lots of hooks to hang your coats, backpacks, bathing suits or whatever it is you choose to hang there.  The measurements with the back: 56 1/4" tall x 80" long x 27 1/2" wide.  The bench: 80" long x 25 1/2" deep x 21" tall.  Three cubbies: 23" wide x 25" deep x 12 3/4" tall.  The back of the bench is a vintage door with six hooks & a door knob.  The back is removable for a easier move & set up.  Thank you for stopping by Blue Barn Door & have a blessed day!

Today we had snow, rain, sleet & thunder!  I decided to paint my vintage makeup vanity.  I am going to put this cute little vanity in my master bedroom, so I chose to use Annie Sloan's Duck Egg.  This will give the room a hint of color, since I have been using mostly vintage white.  I am really happy how this turned out!  Happy spring everyone!

Check out this beautiful vintage bedroom set I salvaged.  I am so excited to share this transformation with you!  After I prepped the pieces, I decided to stain the tops & drawers of the furniture to show off the beautiful grain in the wood.  I chose dark walnut Minwax stain.  I made my own antique white chalk paint for this project, using echo friendly products in the paint.  The hardware I lightly sprayed with RUST-OLEUM  oil rubbed metallic bronze.
  Thank you for taking time to check out Blue Barn Door!

I used Annie Sloan's Okra Chalk Paint on the dresser & RUST-OLEUM Hammered Bronze spray paint on the wood knobs. 

Scalloped Wall Table  11/2015

Reclaimed Door Bench   2/2016

Master Bedroom Bureau  3/2016

I've been working on this special project that contains a door from a very old automotive shop, that is no longer in business.  The door will now be a conversation piece!  A custom made bench from reclaimed wood & a shelf will be added.  After cleaning the door & lightly sanding the pieces, I used KILZ to seal the wood.  I painted the entire door Simply White from the CeCe Caldewells collection.  Sorry about the quality of the last two pictures, I took them with my phone!  I hope everyone is have a wonderful summer so far & happy DIY'ing!

This poor little desk did not have hardware when I found it.  I thought it could use a refreshing color, so I chose CeCe Caldwell's Santa Fe Turquoise.  I always keep leftover hardware, so I found these lovely handles and painted them black.    

​I will be repurposing hand carved table legs from the 1870's for my headboard.  We detached the legs from the table & secured them to a plank of reclaimed Douglas Fir.  I will be using CeCe Caldwell Vintage White.  I hope this will inspire you to recycle & repurpose.  Let's not throw away good furniture from the past, instead find a way to keep it functional, beautiful & out of the landfills! 

Thank you for checking out Blue Barn Door!

Grandma's Table  10/2015

I first prepped this large bureau by taking off all the hardware & lightly sanding it.  I used CeCe Caldwell's Vintage White & bronze RUST-OLEUM paint for the hardware.  I want most of the furniture in the master bedroom to match.  I can't wait to show you the finished bedroom!  

  ​Old Cedar Barn Wood Racks 10/2015

This weekend I chose to work on my grandma's kitchen table.  For a long time I've been wanting to refinish this table so I can use it in my kitchen, this weekend I will begin!  The table is over 60 years young & has been through a lot of meals, canning, cutting & everything else a kitchen table goes through.  I have a ton of other projects that I should be starting, but I am convinced to conquer the table this weekend.  I sanded the table top with 60 & 120 grit sandpaper to remove most of the scars.  I then used 220 grit to give it that smooth finish.  I used CeCe Caldwell's Simply White chalk paint on the table base & legs.  To finish the top of the table, I applied three coats of polyurethane.  I am very happy how this table turned out!  Now I can start on all my other projects I want to complete for the December vendor show.  Thank you for visiting the Blue Barn Door & have a wonderful day!

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Vintage Hutch    9/2017

Makeup Vanity    4/2016

This awesome hutch just needed a makeover.  I took out the two center doors, and turned the two glass panels into chalkboards.  To achieve this color, I mixed together four different paint colors, to create "gray goose".  This wonderful color is great for a large statement piece, like this hutch! 

Handle Making Process   2016