​I will be repurposing hand carved table legs from the 1870's for my headboard.  We detached the legs from the table & secured them to a plank of reclaimed Douglas Fir.  I will be using CeCe Caldwell Vintage White.  I hope this will inspire you to recycle & repurpose.  Let's not throw away good furniture from the past, instead find a way to keep it functional, beautiful & out of the landfills! 

Thank you for checking out Blue Barn Door!

This weekend I chose to work on my grandma's kitchen table.  For a long time I've been wanting to refinish this table so I can use it in my kitchen, this weekend I will begin!  The table is over 60 years young & has been through a lot of meals, canning, cutting & everything else a kitchen table goes through.  I have a ton of other projects that I should be starting, but I am convinced to conquer the table this weekend.  I sanded the table top with 60 & 120 grit sandpaper to remove most of the scars.  I then used 220 grit to give it that smooth finish.  I used CeCe Caldwell's Simply White chalk paint on the table base & legs.  To finish the top of the table, I applied three coats of polyurethane.  I am very happy how this table turned out!  Now I can start on all my other projects I want to complete for the December vendor show.  Thank you for visiting the Blue Barn Door & have a wonderful day!

Vintage Hutch    9/2017

Makeup Vanity    4/2016

Vintage Kitchen Set    9/2016

​​Vintage Buffet Table  12/2015

I rescued three goats last year that love to nibble leaves & bark off the tree limbs.  Once the bark is off, it shows the natural beauty of the wood.  What a great way to re-purpose tree limbs into handles for our boxes.  My other two helpers, they just supervise. 

Master Bedroom Bureau  3/2016

​​​Finished Projects

I used Annie Sloan's Okra Chalk Paint on the dresser & RUST-OLEUM Hammered Bronze spray paint on the wood knobs. 

Chest of Drawers 7/2015

  This vintage sideboard/buffet table was a fun project.  I created a custom color by mixing grey & blue/green chalk paint together to achieve this color.    

  Thank you for checking out the Blue Barn Door! 

Repurposed Door into a Hall Tree 8/2016

This already beautiful vintage desk just needed a little CeCe Caldwell's chalk paint!  I used Pittsburg Gray & Seattle Mist for the drawers.  I painted the hardware with RUST-OLEUM Hammered Bronze spray paint.

Reclaimed Door Bench   2/2016

I've been working on this special project that contains a door from a very old automotive shop, that is no longer in business.  The door will now be a conversation piece!  A custom made bench from reclaimed wood & a shelf will be added.  After cleaning the door & lightly sanding the pieces, I used KILZ to seal the wood.  I painted the entire door Simply White from the CeCe Caldewells collection.  Sorry about the quality of the last two pictures, I took them with my phone!  I hope everyone is have a wonderful summer so far & happy DIY'ing!

Vintage Bedroom Set 10/2015 

​Master Bedroom Headboard4/2016

This poor little desk did not have hardware when I found it.  I thought it could use a refreshing color, so I chose CeCe Caldwell's Santa Fe Turquoise.  I always keep leftover hardware, so I found these lovely handles and painted them black.    

Desk w/o Hardware7/2015

Reclaiming the past to restore our future

I saved this sweet little gem before it went to the landfill!  This vintage telephone chair has had a lot of use, but I am here to bring back its charm.  I removed the seat & sanded the chair really well before painting it.  I just love the material I used for the seat!  This functional chair is perfect for writing a letter or working on your laptop.  Thank you for stopping by the Blue Barn Door!  

September 10, 2017

Handle Making Process   2016

Click on images to enlarge

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Vintage ​Telephone Chair  5/20165

I finished the two night stands!  I used CeCe Caldwell's Vintage White paint & lightly distressed the tables.  I used a bronze RUST-OLEUM paint on the hardware, giving it a beautiful antique bronze look. Once I finish all the furniture, I will post pictures of the entire bedroom!
To give a fresh new look to a room in your home, paint a piece of furniture a fresh new color, with chalk paint!   ​

I've been wanting to create something with this beautiful door, so a storage bench it is!  This will make a beautiful statement piece in your entryway, mudroom or even on your front porch.  It is well built & will last for many years to come!  It has three storage cubbies underneath the bench & lots of hooks to hang your coats, backpacks, bathing suits or whatever it is you choose to hang there.  The measurements with the back: 56 1/4" tall x 80" long x 27 1/2" wide.  The bench: 80" long x 25 1/2" deep x 21" tall.  Three cubbies: 23" wide x 25" deep x 12 3/4" tall.  The back of the bench is a vintage door with six hooks & a door knob.  The back is removable for a easier move & set up.  Thank you for stopping by Blue Barn Door & have a blessed day!

Today we had snow, rain, sleet & thunder!  I decided to paint my vintage makeup vanity.  I am going to put this cute little vanity in my master bedroom, so I chose to use Annie Sloan's Duck Egg.  This will give the room a hint of color, since I have been using mostly vintage white.  I am really happy how this turned out!  Happy spring everyone!

I wanted to share this big project  we have been working on the past 10 days!  I am so excited how this project is turning out.  This vintage kitchen set was made in 1951 from Wisconsin.  A LOT of work/love has gone into this set to give it that Blue Barn Door look.  Happy Monday everyone!  

Vintage Desk  6/2015

This week I worked on some really cool cedar barn wood I acquired.  I am really happy how these first three turned out!  I had fun with distressing the wood with the different paint.  I will be sure to have a big selection for the Baysox Holiday vendor show in December.  

Check out this beautiful vintage bedroom set I salvaged!  I am so excited to share the transformation with you.  After I prepped the pieces, I decided to stain the tops & drawers of the furniture to show off the beautiful grain in the wood.  I chose dark walnut Minwax stain.  I made my own antique white chalk paint for this project, using echo friendly products in the paint.  The hardware I lightly sprayed with RUST-OLEUM  oil rubbed metallic bronze.  I will be bringing this wonderful set to the Baysox Holiday Gift Show & Expo, December 5th & 6th.
  Thank you for taking time to check out Blue Barn Door!

The Crying Bench
When I acquire furniture, I love to hear the stories behind each piece.  This bench spent many years under a covered porch attached to an amazing house, built in the 1800’s.  The one daughter was reminiscing (when she was a young teenager) how she would get upset and stomp out of the house to sit on the bench and cry her troubles away.  This strong bench (that remained under the old covered porch) has served its purpose in many ways.  Blue Barn Door will give it a fresh look, while keeping its character, so it can go to a new home to create new everlasting memoriesCheck back in a couple of days to see the new look! 

This cute little wall table was a fun weekend project!  The top had water damage, so it required a little more sanding.  I painted the entire table in an antique white chalk paint.  I thought the table needed a little more pop, since it has such beautiful curves, so I went with Annie Sloan's Duck Egg chalk paint.  This table is perfect for any size home.  Thank you for visiting my little website & happy DIY'ing!

Scalloped Wall Table  11/2015

I first prepped this large bureau by taking off all the hardware & lightly sanding it.  I used CeCe Caldwell's Vintage White & bronze RUST-OLEUM paint for the hardware.  I want most of the furniture in the master bedroom to match.  I can't wait to show you the finished bedroom!  

Projects in Progress

  ​Old Cedar Barn Wood Racks 10/2015

Wood Foot Stool  11/2015

Master Bedroom Night Stands  3/2016

Blue Barn Door

This awesome hutch just needed a makeover.  I took out the two center doors, and turned the two glass panels into chalkboards.  To achieve this color, I mixed together four different paint colors, to create "gray goose".  This wonderful color is great for a large statement piece, like this hutch! 

Grandma's Table  10/2015

When working on large projects, I usually have to add a small project or two in the mix.  Today I painted this small wooden stool I've had in my pile of goodies.  I mixed together leftover chalk paint to create this color.